This document contains set of commitment hashes. I use these to document knowledge of active research topics, private projects, ideas to prove that I had knowledge of these ideas at a specific time.

The commitments in this document are made using openssl blake2s256 and sha256sum. Snapshots using the internet archive are made to provide authentic time stamps:


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blake256: ea307a19e9e52f9d37f6e440f703b744eb79a643ea098de0b99c41bbcacbd0f1
sha256: 4757a3c6930b8d2ec3fbda39f19939c3a77b458ac3be192002ae6b5fe9557737
blake256: 566a135282254fecce5959d05926097a8237a82fed8bf78d486ffc0fda8f0598
sha256: 5dc9d33e596b0f81cf851ce51e3a459dcb32920ec8394d419fbeaa52521162d2

Thanks to Karo for the idea.